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Published on 8 April 2022 at 21:50

Kinesis is our newest top rated pick, to be posted on our page, as we are deeming the Kinesis trading platform top rated, strictly for their referral rewards program and sign up bonus. Signing up for the Kinesis exchange, with a members referral link, will net you both a fairly decent bonus of 1/2 KAG, also known as a half an ounce, of digital silver. That will be credited to both accounts, after the referred completes, just three required steps.

Step one of course, is they have to sign up with a current members referral link. Once the referral code has been applied to the new users account, the person signing up may choose to complete the other two requirements in any order, but must complete the kyc verification, by uploading the required proof of address, and identification documents/images. The new sign up must also make a deposit equaling the amount of one hundred dollars, using any of the kinesis funding options of fiat or crypto.

Our main purpose for deeming the kinesis exchange top rated, is the fact, that the bonus silver is uncapped. Which means you can refer as many new users to the platform as possible. Unlike other exchanges that limit the bonus potentials for referrers. Another reasoning for considering the kinesis exchange top rated, is for their, referrer’s yield program.

The keinesis referrer’s yield program, is what we consider a bonus on top of a bonus. After your referred users complete the verification process and starts trading on the exchange, you will automatically start earning 7.5% off of all the referred users transaction fees. Including all of their accumulated, trading, sending and spending of KAG, KAU, plus all other fiats and cryptocurrencies available on the kinenis exchange. The best part, and unlike other exchanges, that set a time limit for receiving percentages of referrals transaction fees, the kinesis exchange yield program, is for the lifetime of your referrals activity. Which is amazing by itself and almost unheard of.

All percentages earned from your referrals transaction fees, whether in fiat or cryptocurrency, are automatically converted into equal parts,of digital gold (KAU) and digital silver (KAG). Then the earned yield will be paid to your digital gold (KAU) and digital silver (KAG) accounts on a monthly basis, for the previous month.

We believe that the Kinesis exchange has definitely created one of the worlds best top rated referral programs, and if any of this information, has interested you, and you would like to sign up as a new user, to receive your free half ounce of digital silver (KAG). We invite you to use our referral link by clicking the image below.

kinesis crypto info

If downloading the Kinesis crypto exchange straight from the app store, be sure to enter the referral code below, necessary to receive your free half ounce of digital silver (KAG) sign up bonus. 

kinesis crypto referral code