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Published on 23 March 2022 at 15:48

Webull simulated holdings

If you haven't noticed by now, from looking at any of our other websites or following us on any social media, we highly recommend everyone open new accounts with Webull, and promote them quite often. Not just for one specific reason, like some of our other favorite stock trading platforms and crypto exchanges. Webull is our number one top-rated trading platform, and our number one place to receive top-rated sign-up bonuses. We have made a substantial amount of money from Webull, and it's not just from our expert trading skills, as Webull also, always, has the top-rated referral promotions, that constantly change from month to month.

We believe their promotions just keep getting better and better. We also believe the Webull promotions alone are responsible for the encouragement of the average person getting involved in trading the crypto and stock markets. We actually, like to personally encourage those wanting to begin their journey in the markets, and highly recommend starting their new portfolios with Webull Financial first.
Just to list a few reasons as to why you should sign up with Webull as a beginner.

 The number one reason to start trading with Webull as a beginner is the fact, that most beginners lose money, but with Webull, your basically starting your portfolio for free depending on the promotion you use to sign up. As some of Webull's promotions do not require a deposit and some only require a one-dollar deposit. The free stocks or crypto you receive after opening a new account is a great starting point for your portfolio, and is yours, to do as you please.

The second main reason to start trading with Webull, is the amount of money you're able to earn promoting them. As we may have mentioned before, they have some outstanding referral reward programs. That are available to all open accounts of their trading platform. Earning potentials are sometimes capped at a certain limit, but on average, lately, the minimum bonus received for referring just three individuals as new users to the platform is a couple of hundred dollars.

It truly is a great money-making opportunity, we think. Being able to add a couple hundred, extra dollars to your portfolio each month, really adds up if you make the right decisions with it. As we do know some people that just withdraw and use it for beer money, and sometimes we even have to keep the lights on. Making the right decision and keeping it in your portfolio, brings us to our third reason to start trading with Webull as a beginner.

Webull has multiple research tools to increase your chances of picking profitable stocks, with that saying, it's possible to keep doubling your promotor rewards earned, with a little work. The Webull app has some advanced features that are extremely easy to figure out, even with never having experience on a trading platform.

Our third and conclusive reason to start trading with Webull as a beginner is the Simulated Holdings feature.

The Simulated Holdings feature is the Webull app's best tool for beginner traders, that are not yet feeling comfortable trading with real money. With a little imagination, you're able to practice everything first. You can pretend to deposit what funds you think you would normally deposit and start making simulated trades.

That one practice feature of being able to pretend to deposit funds closer to your budget, we feel, is a way better learning experience compared to a lot of other trading apps with simulated trading features that automatically start you, at one million dollars. Although fun that million dollars is far out, of the average person's budget and gives a sense of deception.

The actual sign-up process with Webull is fast and easy. You basically have to complete the application process by answering a few general questions and providing them with some of your sensitive information for 1099 tax purposes. You must complete the upload, of your address and identification documents (and/or) pictures, and snap a selfie.

The approval process can take a couple of days but are usually done within 24 hours, providing they can confirm all the information you entered, so be sure to enter numbers and addresses correctly.

You will find the current Webull promotions embed to the right and possibly below, depending on how many promotions are running at the time of reading and the device you are using.

Please use our referral link in the image to start your first portfolio with Webull today.

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