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Published on 17 February 2022 at 10:34

Abra CPRX bonus

We are now highly recommending everyone download the Abra app, crypto exchange. Especially for those who are into making money sharing their referral links and codes. We are sure that everyone wants an extra twenty five dollars in free crypto, and letting the Abra app hold fifteen dollars for one week is easy enough for almost anyone. Every time one of your friends complete the download and kyc process for the abra app, with your referral code, then deposits fifteen dollars or more, and holds it in the Abra app account for a minimum of one week, both of you get twenty five dollars in free crypto (Cprx coin). (give note that the CPRX bonus coins are received at market value, at the time of sign up). So the best time to download the abra app or for any bonus crypto is when the crypto market, or coin prices are down.

We haven't gotten the chance to check out all the options and features of the abra app just yet, but we are definitely going to deposit in the Abra app earn feature to get the 9% APY rate on the USDC. Possibly an even better percentage rate, as the more Abra app coin or (CPRX) you hold, boosts your loyalty tier levels and helps you receive higher interest on things like, trade cash back, bonus interest and negative loan interest. Which is a great deal if your an active trader, hodler, or need to take a loan from the Abra app.

The abra loyalty tiers are divided into five different levels. Ignite, lauch, cruise, orbit and, to the moon. The only way to advance through the Abra app loyalty tier levels and gain increased rewards, is completely determined by your average thirty day holdings of the cprx coins. Higher tiers are very easily obtainable for free, if you share your referral code and link with all of your friends and social media accounts. You can also join the new Make Money with Abra app loyalty program to receive your personalized referral, QR code stickers. Please download the abra app now, by clicking the image and using our referral code RCY5DBS57 to open your new account today.

Update 05/31/2022 The abra signup and referral promotion is currently discontinued at this time, until further notice and should resume again shortly. Please continue browsing our website for other great signup bonuses and referral programs.

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