moomoo app

Published on 17 February 2022 at 09:31

We just recently started trading on the moomoo app, and man we wish we would have found this stocks trading app sooner. We are finding it addictive and just pretty awesome really. You have to check it out for yourself, because we can't do it justice with our writing. The moomoo app is very interactive, with multiple ways to keep you entertained and on the app. With more than just research and trading news. The moomoo app has a task center that you can sign in on everyday, and complete different tasks to earn points, and redeem for gifts through the rewards club. You are able to earn points in multiple different ways, that actually, are helping you learn the moomoo app. Ultimately becoming a better trader by watching the learning videos and practice trading, by playing the paper trader game. Your also able to join groups and communicate with other members. Making post and hitting the like button just like any other social media app.

The moomoo app has one of the best free stocks promotions going on right now for both the referrer and the referral using the referral link. The current free stocks promotion for opening a new account with the moomoo trading app through a referral link. Is receiving up to five free stocks with one of those free stocks guaranteed to be an LCID share, if the referrer deposits one hundred dollars or more.

The moomoo app free stocks referral bonus is not like most free stock promotions from other trading platforms, where they give you just five or ten dollars in stocks for signing up.  We really got a little over sixty dollars in free stocks for depositing the one hundred dollars. Cool right! One of the free stocks, the LCID share was worth forty dollars by itself.

The moomoo app offers a continuous five free stocks, referral promotion for new sign ups. With the best gift stocks by completing the one hundred dollar deposit.

Although the guaranteed LCID share promotion, will most likely be over by the time you read this, We are positive you will still receive some great bonus stocks. Please click the image and open your new account today, to check it out for yourself.