Top Rated Signup Bonuses

Personally Tested and Approved

Has a stock trading app or crypto exchange ever offered you an incentive for becoming a new user, but you never receive the benefit? On this page, we will focus on the various trading platforms that we consider to be top-rated companies with some top-rated offers, and sign-up bonuses. That we have personally tested and approved.

We have spent several weeks researching and testing the platforms with the best gifts and awards out there and opening new accounts for those new user bonuses ourselves. 

Sometimes the perk is not worth the work, but this page, will only list our experience with the free crypto or stock trading bonus we received. To show you how each reward is a true token of appreciation. Only the top-rated bonuses and incentives have been selected for this page. 

Most companies have figured out that in order to make a profit in the future, they may have to bribe the consumer today. So we only look to find the best payouts for our readers.  

Testing multiple trading platforms and crypto exchanges referral promotions have been a journey that we are starting to enjoy. Even though we've had some not-so-good experiences with some, and will make another page directed solely towards that at a later time. 

Any stock trading or crypto exchange-listed below, are ones we deem to be top-rated, from our personal experience with them. Mostly focusing on top-rated referral promotions and new user incentives. 

You may also find some of the other information in the blogs useful.  Our current top-rated favorites are the Webull app, moomoo app, abra app, cake defi app, and kinesis crypto with more on the way.

Stock Trading apps and Crypto Exchanges

These top-rated trading apps and cryptocurrency exchanges listed below, all offer a variety of features to help you trade crypto, stocks, options, and futures. While they all have different interfaces and capabilities, there are a few things they have in common. Almost all of them offer real-time streaming quotes, charts, and news, as well as the ability to place trades and manage your portfolio. In addition, most of the apps provide educational materials to help you learn about trading before you get started.

Webull free stocks

Webull app

If you haven't noticed by now, from looking at any of our other websites or following us on any social media, we highly recommend everyone open new accounts with Webull, and promote them quite often. Not just for one specific reason, like some of our other favorite stock trading platforms and crypto exchanges. Webull is our number one top-rated trading platform, and our number one place to receive top-rated sign-up bonuses. We have made a substantial amount of money from Webull, and it's not just from our expert trading skills, as Webull also, always, has the top-rated referral promotions, that constantly change from month to month.

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moomoo trading app free stocks

moomoo app

We just recently started trading on the moomoo app, and man we wish we would have found this stocks trading app sooner. We are finding it addictive and just pretty awesome really. You have to check it out for yourself, because we can't do it justice with our writing. The moomoo app is very interactive, with multiple ways to keep you entertained and on the app. With more than just research and trading news. The moomoo app has a task center that you can sign in on everyday, and complete different tasks to earn points, and redeem for gifts through the rewards club. You are able to earn points in multiple different ways, that actually, are helping you learn the moomoo app. Ultimately becoming a better trader by watching the learning videos and practice trading, by playing the paper trader game. Your also able to join groups and communicate with other members. Making post and hitting the like button just like any other social media app.

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ABRA app Free Coins

Abra app

We are now highly recommending everyone download the Abra app, crypto exchange. Especially for those who are into making money sharing their referral links and codes. We are sure that everyone wants an extra twenty five dollars in free crypto, and letting the Abra app hold fifteen dollars for one week is easy enough for almost anyone. Every time one of your friends complete the download and kyc process for the abra app, with your referral code, then deposits fifteen dollars or more, and holds it in the Abra app account for a minimum of one week, both of you get twenty five dollars in free crypto (Cprx coin). (give note that the CPRX bonus coins are received at market value, at the time of sign up). So the best time to download the abra app or for any bonus crypto is when the crypto market, or coin prices are down.

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Free DFI coins

CakeDefi app

Another great crypto app that we must place on our top-rated list of trading platforms and crypto exchanges is the CakeDefi app. You may have already read some of our thoughts about if you migrated here from our best 2022 bonus page. Were not going to go in to complete full details about the CakeDefi app and the, what is DFI coin, because you can actually learn more about the CakeDefi app and DFI coin while earning free crypto at the time, through the CakeDefi app learn and earn bonus coins.

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Free Digital Silver

Kinesis crypto

Kinesis is our newest top rated pick, to be posted on our page, as we are deeming the Kinesis trading platform top rated, strictly for their referral rewards program and sign up bonus. Signing up for the Kinesis exchange, with a members referral link, will net you both a fairly decent bonus of 1/2 KAG, also known as a half an ounce, of digital silver. That will be credited to both accounts, after the referred completes, just three required steps.

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Both experienced and beginner traders are thrilled by the thought of earning free crypto, free stocks, and bonus cash by signing up for new platforms or crypto exchanges.

This is conversant with most individuals. Who doesn't like freebies? However, the main issue most individuals face is finding the top-rated trading platforms or crypto exchanges with the top-rated sign-up bonus.

There are several stock trading platforms and crypto exchanges that offer signup bonuses to all new users.
However, some of these trading platforms' sign-up bonuses are complete scams, they claim to offer bonuses but after signing up, the bonuses won't be paid because you can not complete one of the terms or meet the deposit requirements, that they neglected to mention.

This is why it is important to do some research before signing up with a platform, and one of the reasons we decided to make this page.  Another thing to consider is the amount of sign-up bonus being offered, this is where most individuals falter. Most people gravitate towards platforms that offer big bonuses, however, big bonuses do not guarantee the profitability of the platform for them later on.

There are so many other significant factors that helped us choose our top-rated, such as the number of supported currencies, fees, and user experience that we factored in to be on our top-rated list. A company with low fees, a good user experience, and support numerous currencies is a top-rated trading platform to us, even if offers a minimum or small signup bonus.