Penny Bank donations

If your not able to use any of our sign up bonus codes and would like to help us continue our  journey, sharing more promotional codes. There are multiple ways that your able to donate, and help us out a little. We thought we had a master plan for sharing our referral links, but currently, this website is costing us more money, than its bringing in. Unfortunately, our website currently has low organic traffic and is pretty far down the list on google searches. Something about our web page being to new, for any top 20 spots, and the fact that we have no seo skills.

Knowing that 90 percent of people using search engines, will never make it past the top 20 results. They currently say backlinks are the key to ranking any website, and that the website is nothing without backlinks. We currently don't have the extra funds to buy backlinks as some other top ranking websites do, and have pretty much exhausted the free backlink resources.

 One of the best donations, you could probably make to us right now, is any type of referral traffic. A facebook, or some other social media share of our main page, would be worth millions to us, as we are lacking certain social media accounts due to their privacy and data collection policies.

Crypto donations, are also great new way of helping out the little man, small businesses, and the list goes on and on. Making crypto donations are cost efficient for both receiver and the crypto donator making the donation. Mainly, avoiding the high transaction fees of using credit/debit cards and money transfers. It really shouldn't cost a dollar to help someone put pennies in someone else's penny bank.

 With that said, we are also accepting crypto donations, of any amount TRX Cryptocurrency. Mainly to help us, with creating backlinks and paid advertisements. Also because we love free crypto, of course. Tron was particularly chosen for the low transfer fees.

So if you would like to drop a few pennies in our Penny Bank, Please use our TRX deposit address below -


or scan the QR code to send us your crypto donation.

All Contributions are greatly  appreciated and we Thank you.

Just in case you would like to donate us different crypto coins, we are currently in the process of making a account with more deposit addresses listed, or if you happen to be a Coinbase Wallet user, you can send us any coin donations directly to our coinbase wallet username @peanutbrittle 

Every little bit is a blessing and will definitely be paid forward, once we start earning money with our referral links.

Please Contact us if you would like to donate to us, in any other methods or cryptocurrencies, or have extra ideas for us, about boosting our backlink profile. 

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