Published on 16 May 2022 at 11:09

Fundrise invitation bonus

Real estate investing has traditionally been one of the most sought-after classes of assets for professional investors, and with the Fundrise app, it's now available to you.

Fundrise is welcoming you to the future of real estate investing with the convenience you’d expect from a modern investment platform compacted in the Fundrise easy-to-use website and mobile apps. Invest and manage your real estate investment portfolio, track your performance and watch as real estate across the united states is purchased, operated, and improved on, straight through Fundrises active projects updates.

Adding real estate investments to your portfolio is a great way to completely diversify your investment portfolio.
Real Estate investing has shown its resilience during the past economic crises. Time after time, real estate investing has proven its ability to deliver superior passive income streams to investors. Real estate investments provide some of the best and absolute financial stability while other types of investments have high volatility, real estate investing has a reputation for staying steady with a risk-adjusted return that doesn’t come with sacrificing return potential.

Some private real estate investing has periodically shown a lower association with volatility than both publicly traded stocks and REITs. When public sectors of the market have always exposed greater degrees of volatility and higher vulnerability to an investor's emotional trading, real estate investing has been steady in comparison, especially now during our uncertain economic times.

If you're interested in achieving reliable passive income, then Fundrise Real Estate investments are a perfect alternative to the usual larger-cap stocks, or cryptocurrency, as all real estate investments available on Fundrise earn dividends from the company you own shares with straight from their earnings or profits and are distributed to all shareholders on a monthly basis. With Fundrise you can choose your strategy and automatically reinvest those earned dividends boosting your investments or have them forwarded straight to your bank account as passive income for personal use or other investments.

The Fundrise app has the best in-house experts that's combined with new state-of-the-art AI technology to maximize your long-term real estate investments return potential with reduced fees, making it simple to diversify your portfolio with high-quality real estate investments at a low cost.

Fundrise is more powerful than ever now, gaining popularity as it's been built to help all investors invest smarter.
With well over 300 thousand active investors that have earned over 160 million dollars in net dividends by using the Fundrise platform that has now completed more than 7 billion dollars in total transactions.

Fundrise is currently changing the way people invest in real estate by adding smarter diversification, as with Fundrise you can diversify outside of the public traded real estate markets to invest in the private real estate properties as well, allowing you to reduce additional risks and improve the stability of your investments.

Fundrise provides the highest quality real estate investing without the high fees that eventually affect the investor's bottom line
Making it their priority to reduce real estate investing costs, charging lower fees so that every investor can maximize their real estate investment returns.

Unlike most private real estate investment platforms, Fundrise has some of the lowest investment minimums that help new real estate investors meet their investment goals and additionally provide the options for recurring buys or deposits that also help with purchasing shares on a budget.

Fundrise currently has a great sign-up bonus to welcome new investors to their platform. Fundrise is offering $25 worth of free real estate investment shares to all new users that sign up for Fundrise using a current users referral link, that current Fundrise investor will also earn the free $25 bonus if the new users invited complete the identification process and make a minimum deposit of $10 or more.

The sign-up process with Fundrise is simple and it's easy to get started, and investing in real estate in just a few minutes.

You will first have to tell them a little about yourself, including sensitive information such as addresses and identification numbers along with your investment goals. Which will then prompt them to suggest investment strategy plans that best fit your goals. Note that there is no obligation to choose their suggested plans, as you may choose to do your own research and invest as you go.

After choosing the best strategy that will help you grow your real estate investment portfolio over time. Choose to invest over time manually or automatically with recurring deposits. Then automatically connect your bank account using the Plaid feature and make your first deposit.

Join us on Fundrise with the following referral link to start your real estate investment journey today and receive your $25 sign-up bonus once your deposit settles.

Fundrise invitation bonus
Fundrise signup bonus
Fundrise invitation bonus