Published on 16 February 2022 at 16:00

ONUS Crypto Exchange. Which we thought to be a scam at first, but after downloading, we quickly found out that the exchange and bonus are not a scam. The Onus crypto exchange is actually pretty awesome. With some really cool features and a very wide selection of cryptocurrencies available.

ONUS cryptocurrency exchange has a very different selection of crypto coins than what we are used to. Which is pretty amazing by itself. They also have some cool features in the app. Including a great crypto farming feature, that lets you earn up to ninety percent APR. Some free crypto signals, and we think, some of the best daily cryptocurrency news articles available to read. Onus app also has a P2P feature to buy and sell coins. You can even make transfers off chain.

In addition, the onus app has a feature called the launchpad that tries to help startup projects reach out for initial coin distributions. Although there has been minimal post lately, we have came across some really great initial coin presales and consider the launchpad one of our personal favorite features.    

 The onus exchange is completely decentralized and available in just about all countries. After downloading the onus app, you will most likely need to switch it to your language by clicking the button in the top right hand corner.

The ONUS crypto exchanges ten dollar free coin promotional bonus, is an instant free coins bonus, for anyone who downloads and completes the kyc requirement. You will then get to choose your free coins in either the $ONUS coin or $USDT.

Those instant free coins are automatically locked in the ONUS apps crypto farming feature. Steadily earning you a daily interest in $VNDC coins, for a set period of time, unless you complete the advanced KYC requirement, and purchase at least the minimum fifty dollars of $USDT from inside the app, using a credit card through the Simplex system.

If completed you will be able to withdraw, exchange or sell your free coin bonus instantly. (Note, that depositing fifty dollars worth of any crypto or $USDT, does not unlock the bonus.)

Another heads-up , is that the ONUS app doesn’t really send you the confirmation code through text message to your phone number like it says does. You just have to close the app, and open it back up after you click the confirmation link sent to your email address. The confirmation code they send through email, is most definitely in your spam folder.

Get ONUS $10 free USDT or ONUS coins by using this code 9527966567 after downloading. Click the image to go now.


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