Bitvalve $10 BTV coin

Published on 16 February 2022 at 15:33

BitValve is a P2P crypto exchange with the great idea, of trying to give every person in the world the option and access to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency. The BitValve exchange supports an enormous amount of ways to pay for crypto, with currently over three hundred payment options for buying and selling in different currencies. They do have a very limited selection of cryptocurrencies. Only about sixteen crypto coins are available for use on the BitValve exchange. Which were sure, is a blessing, if you are in a region of the world where Bitvalve exchange is your only option and access to cryptocurrency.

BitValve exchange is a good option for anyone that's into the whole world of P2P buying and selling crypto, and possibly a great way to make some extra money, by selling your coins above market price or buying coins below market price.

You must complete the phone verification and KYC to be able to use the p2p exchanges, so it is completely safe. We have made a few purchases from the exchange, for coins listed under market value, and paid with our PayPal account to ensure a refund, as we were very leary at first. We have also sold coins on the platform, and received the payments in different currencies, that automatically switch back to USD with our Transferwise account, which will talk more about their bonus on a later page, but you are welcome to go ahead and use the link for free transfers and read the terms and conditions to receive their bonus,( currently sixty dollars USD)

The BitValve exchange will give you an instant ten-dollar free BTV coin bonus if you use our referral link in the image to sign up. The referral pay for anyone sharing their referral link to refer others to the BitValve platform is 100 mBTV. Not a lot we know, but it's free crypto and you never know with the crypto markets these days. The BTV coin is pretty much a platform token / stable coin at the moment, so do not expect to just sell it and cash out or transfer it to another wallet. It is only good for covering some of the gas fees to transfer your other crypto purchased on the platform. 

Click the image for your free $10 BTV coins now

BTV free crypto bonus
Bitvalve p2p exchange BTC prices
Bitvalve exchange SHIB list prices
Bitvalve exchange free btv coins

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