$25 Promo Cash

Published on 16 February 2022 at 15:22 is another super popular crypto exchange. With over 10 million registered users worldwide, and probably the exchange with the most crypto coins available for purchase. We enjoy some of the extra features they keep adding to the app like the missions feature, where you can explore the app and get rewarded with diamonds. Those diamonds are then stored in your vault until you earn enough to later redeem in their store for some pretty cool stuff, like PSG game tickets and jerseys along with the mystery boxes where you can earn some mini bits of the CRO token.

We still sign in every day just to complete the status check mission to earn diamonds. The crypto masters mission lets you study and learn crypto once a month for three free diamonds to add to your vault. The quick quest lets you earn five free diamonds a day if you trade more than twenty dollars in a single transaction. The volume venture is sixty diamonds if you trade more than five hundred dollars in a twenty-four-hour period. They also have a few other ways to add free diamonds to your vault, but you can only complete those tasks once to earn the free diamonds.

One of the other newest and coolest features they added to the app is the NFT marketplace, where you can buy, sell and showcase NFTs. We are personally glad for that feature as we always have trouble connecting our wallet to other apps. Completely our fault for having all the added security features, but one of the slowest 2FA apps.
We also love the new bonus card rewards to earn an extra percentage back on top of what we already earn for using our card. We actually do use the virtual card now for every one of our online purchases, because we can just top up our card anytime, by using any of our coins in our crypto wallet.

The promotional credit is $25 USD. Which you will only receive if you complete the terms of reserving your Metal Visa Card and then staking $400 worth of CRO crypto coin for a set period of time. Which we believe to be an excessive amount for promotional credit terms and conditions, but we figure we did it so why wouldn't someone else. Please use our referral code pc2pxksdfn for the promotional credit

COPY THIS ID pc2pxksdfn and click the image to open your new account and receive the $25  Promo Cash   referral bonus