Voyager $25-BTC

Published on 16 February 2022 at 15:07

Voyager digital is a great crypto platform to use, as they have a wide variety of crypto coins with about one hundred available to trade. Just holding some coins for the minimum monthly requirements could earn you, up to twelve percent annual rewards, paid out monthly, with about thirty coins already in the earning program. Listed in the app you will find each coin available for the earning program, the annual percentage, and monthly requirements.

Voyager app already has some of the lowest trading fees, but they get even lower if you take into consideration the crypto back rewards. You can easily reap that extra benefit by joining the Voyager loyalty program. As you may be able to see listed in the image below. Starting the program as an Adventurer and holding just five hundred VGX tokens will net you the seven percent staking rewards, plus a point zero five percent earnings boost and an extra five dollars BTC bonus on top of the normal twenty-five dollar BTC referral bonus.

With that extra little point zero five percent boost and maybe some recurring VGX token buys, it shouldn't take you long to reach the Explorer tier level of five thousand VGX tokens, where you will earn the same seven percent staking rewards, another point zero five percent boost, making it one percent, another five dollars BTC bonus for every referral and two times crypto back. The same process happens when you reach the Navigator tier by holding twenty thousand VGX tokens. Which seems out of reach to us, but all the more reason to buy the dip.

The Voyager app referral bonus is twenty-five dollars free Bitcoin for anyone who chooses to download the app with a referral code. The person signing up will receive the Free BTC bonus after completing the KYC and spending requirement, by making any crypto trade of one hundred dollars or more and then holding the funds in their Voyager digital account for a minimum of thirty days.

We actually lucked up and got the hundred dollars of free Bitcoin bonus when signing up for the voyager app, Through a referral promotion they had with Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks a few months back. Looking back we are glad we made the trade for the VGX token to reap the earn rewards. Please use our referral code C72A0B869 to download and get your Voyager $25-BTC referral bonus,


Please COPY AND ENTER THIS ID    referral code C72A0B869 and click the image to download the app.       

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