Published on 14 May 2022 at 09:47

Paxful peer program

Paxful is one of the absolute best and safest peer2peer cryptocurrency exchanges, whether you are buying or selling cryptocurrency you get to decide the payment method you want to use. The Paxful peer2peer crypto exchange works just like the BitValve P2P exchange we have listed on our more links page, just with less tradable cryptocurrencies, as Paxful currently only allows three of the major coins to be traded on their platform.

With Paxful you are not only able to sell Bitcoin (BTC), but you can also sell Tether (USDT) and Ethereum (ETH). Buying, selling and trading cryptocurrencies peer2peer directly, with over three million currently registered Paxful users from all around the globe by easily creating your buying or selling offers by selecting the cryptocurrency you want to trade from the drop-down list.

Paxful is considered the safest peer2peer crypto exchange as everyone that uses the Paxful exchange has been KYC verified in multiple ways. Paxful also ensures the safest peer2peer transactions with escrow-backed payments and makes sure every transaction goes smoothly for all users. In addition, they also have 24-hour customer support available in different languages if there ever is a hiccup.

Paxful peer2peer crypto exchange gives their users the freedom to set their own rates, whether fixed priced transactions or market price transactions with well over 300 different payment methods to choose from. Paxful is a people-powered peer2peer cryptocurrency marketplace that makes it incredibly easy for just about everyone using the Paxful platform to make a profit from cryptocurrency.

Whether buying or selling cryptocurrencies, the entire Paxful experience and process is simple, as they make it easy to get paid through over 300 different payment methods, including the simplest gift card transactions, to online wallets, and even more complexed transactions like bank transfers from different currencies. All you have to do is complete your verifications to start posting offers, then decide the price you want to trade cryptocurrency at, and set the fixed or market limits for your offers.

An additional bonus way to maximize your cryptocurrency profits from Paxful is to share your personal Paxful referral link and start earning 50% of the escrow fees for every friend you invite, who buys Bitcoin on Paxful, with an additional 10% earnings from every new user they invite with their Paxful referral link. All Paxful commissions earned from inviting new users are paid out in Bitcoin directly to your Paxful referral account. The Paxful Bitcoin commissions are paid monthly and have a minimum withdrawal of $10 Bitcoin that needs to be reached before being able to be used for any transactions.

Joining the Paxful Peer Program is definitely another great way to earn a passive cryptocurrency income and help others become aware of the earning opportunities and possibilities of using peer2peer cryptocurrency exchanges to profit from, in both buying and selling transactions.

In addition to the great opportunities already mentioned about Paxful, they also have some other great growth opportunities not limited to the Peer Program but also include the Paxful Rewards Program, Paxful Trader Program and an additional Paxful Affiliate Program.

So Please join us and the Paxful Alliance Community to start your peer2peer cryptocurrency trading journey using our Paxful referral link and start inviting others today to start earning your Paxful Bitcoin commissions.

Paxful peer program
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