Published on 7 May 2022 at 14:56

KuCoin Crypto exchange

KuCoin is one of the best overall Crypto exchanges available today, and one of the only crypto exchanges with built in crypto trading bots along with a full tutorial for those not yet experienced or familiar with crypto trading bots. Ultimately making the KuCoin crypto bots perfect for beginner crypto investors.

We've read many other blogs about KuCoin, which all seem to say the same thing. We have consistently read that KuCoin isn't the best crypto exchange for beginner traders, but we seem to think otherwise. As KuCoin has a complete beginners guide, accessible from both the online platform and mobile apps. The KuCoin beginners guides are complete informational readings with images on what is and how to use every function and feature on the KuCoin exchange.

In addition to the KuCoin beginners guide they also have learn and earn crypto like coinbase. Although very low payouts in only USDT coin, it is great additional information for any beginner crypto trader. The KuCoin blog also provides some great learning literature along with weekly crypto analysis and the KuCoin crypto gem observer, that explain how the newest cryptos work.

We do agree with the other bloggers that KuCoin is indeed perfect, for the advanced crypto traders, as they have a massive selection of cryptocurrencies available to trade and so many different features to access and earn very easy crypto profits from.

KuCoin is a global crypto exchange, that may not be supported by your country. Which only means you won't be able to complete the entire KYC verification and may be limited to some features of the KuCoin exchange. When signing up for Kucoin from an unsupported country. Be sure to attempt to complete the KYC process anyway and choose Other for any unsupported region, and enter your name and identification, passport or driver's license number as it will be extremely helpful with your crypto taxes later on.

If accessing the KuCoin exchange from the United States as we are, you may notice some small additional fees on your bank or credit card statements later on if you decide to purchase your crypto with a debit or credit card. Those small fees are to account for the international transaction and currency conversion rates at the time of purchase. We now avoid all fees and only deposit USDT from our ONUS exchange wallet, where even our gas fees are paid for by the free VNDC coins. If still wanting to use a card to purchase crypto, we recommend opening a TRANSFERWISE account to avoid those fees as well.

KuCoin has one of the best crypto sign up bonuses of up to $500 free crypto, depending on the tasks you complete, and also runs some of the best free crypto promotions, and crypto bonus giveaways that consistently change.

Our conclusion is that the KuCoin crypto exchange provides an enormous amount of learning literature, therefore making it one of the best crypto exchanges for beginner crypto traders. Knowledge is power.
There are so many more good things we could write about KuCoin but will let you discover them for yourself by using our referral code rPAB56F or link below to become a new crypto trader with KuCoin today.

KuCoin Crypto Bot
KuCoin Crypto exchange