Published on 3 May 2022 at 20:04


CoinZoom is indeed bridging the gaps between traditional banking and digital assets and is making cryptocurrency accessible everywhere. CoinZoom is a United-States-based company out of Salt Lake City and is currently available for use in 192 countries. CoinZoom has some great features that will make you want to ditch your traditional banking app.

CoinZoom has already become more than just a crypto exchange, as we like to refer to it as CoinZoom crypto everything because they are offering a complete crypto experience with features for both beginners and advanced traders. Best of all, they are still building and adding new great features.

Almost all of CoinZoom services are free. Opening a new account with CoinZoom you will receive one of the safest and securest Free crypto wallets to store your cryptos, along with a complete Free personal Bank account with routing numbers and absolutely zero monthly fees, a Free Virtual CoinZoom Visa card that's perfect for all of your online purchases and easily added to your Apple pay wallet. Additionally the CoinZoom virtual Visa card will earn you up to 5% cash back, in crypto on all purchases made with the card and is automatically activated after making your first deposit.

CoinZoom has many funding options available including wire transfer, ACH bank deposits, direct deposit, funding with credit and debit card or crypto deposits, and best of all CoinZoom cash deposits. Yes, CoinZoom lets you buy crypto with cash and its super simple. Click deposit cash in your CoinZoom app, pick your preferred deposit location from the list to generate your barcode, proceed to the register and let the cashier know how much your funding and let them scan the barcode. Just amazing how your funds are immediately available after you pay for the transaction.

The CoinZoom feature ZoomMe is an additional free feature of the CoinZoom app that allows users to instantly send and receive funds in USD and/or crypto to anywhere in the world absolutely free. ZoomMe transactions are instant and available immediately.

CoinZoom has been built for both beginners and advanced crypto traders, with the simple design and easy navigation of the iOS and Android apps to the more advanced technical indicators available online or by updating your app to CoinZoom Pro to receive the order management feature along with more order types. From our personal experience, and one of the main reasons CoinZoom Pro is one of our favorite crypto exchanges is the fact that CoinZoom Pro has some of the longest lasting limit orders we've found on an exchange yet.

CoinZoom also has an earn program, that allows users to earn up to 10% APY on their USD and/or cryptocurrency holdings. Note that those funds are not automatically earning and must be transferred into the CoinZoom Earn Wallet to begin earning interest. CoinZoom does not add any restrictions to their earn program and your funds can be withdrawn at any time without any penalties. Becoming a CoinZoom VIP, will make you eligible to earn up to 20% additional interest bonus.

Zoom is the CoinZoom platform token or cryptocurrency. Becoming a CoinZoom VIP is completely dependent on the amount of Zoom tokens you own, and the additional bonus interest earned will be paid out in Zoom and not the cryptocurrency you deposited in your CoinZoom Earn Wallet. An additional way to earn Zoom is through the CoinZoom referral program. Which has recently been reduced but will earn you $5 in Zoom as soon as you refer a new user to the CoinZoom platform with your specific referral link and they fund their account for a minimum of 30 days with a minimum of $100.

CoinZoom has also recently added a gas free NFT marketplace feature that we will cover in a later post, or accept our invitation with the link below to become a new user with CoinZoom and start exploring all they have to offer for yourself.
The CoinZoom sign up process does require you to complete the KYC verification by uploading images of your identification and proof of address and is usually completed within 24 hours.


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