Published on 1 May 2022 at 13:55

Nexo earn program

Nexo is a great company and has been striving in the cryptocurrency industry since about 2018. One of Nexo's main goals is to bring professional banking services to the world of digital currency. Nexo is currently available to users in 200 different jurisdictions.

With Nexo, you can completely diversify your cryptocurrency portfolio with Nexo's growing cryptocurrency selection. Currently, around 34 of the most popular digital assets, including their very own NEXO token, and a variety of backed stablecoins are available on the platform. Nexo currently has one of the best ways to earn what we consider free cryptocurrencies. Through the Nexo earn program, all you have to do is HODL any or all the cryptocurrency you would like to earn.

All cryptocurrencies available on the Nexo platform will earn different APY interest rates. Each cryptocurrency you hold in your NEXO account will automatically earn interest but will earn up to an additional 4% APY if locked in the program. Currently, certain coins locked in the earning program for a minimum of 30 days are earning up to 36% APY. Locking your digital assets in the Nexo earn program is not a requirement, and if done will limit their movements, including withdraws, and exchanges for a minimum of 30 days. You may choose to auto-renew the lock-in or set your lock-in manually. With Nexo earn program all interest is calculated and paid daily whether locked in or not.

Being able to put your cryptocurrency hodlings in the Nexo earn program along with the millions of other people trying to profit from their crypto hodling is a great way of obtaining a passive crypto income.

An additional way to earn free cryptocurrency with Nexo is their referral program, which is currently offering a $25 Bitcoin sign-up bonus for all new users who open new accounts with a current account holder's specific referral link. To qualify for the Nexo Bitcoin sign-up bonus the new user must complete all KYC verification requirements by providing proof of identification and residence through the upload of specific documents. There is also a $100 minimum deposit required. Additionally, the Nexo account must stay funded with the $100 for a minimum of 30 days to earn the Bitcoin sign-up bonus. Please note that if residing in the United States, the easiest way to fund your new Nexo account is from an existing crypto wallet or exchange and just topping up your preferred cryptocurrencies.

Nexo does in fact have some other great features, including the instant credit line for borrowing against your crypto assets and one of the best crypto back rewards with the Nexo card that we will provide further information on at a later time. Until then we invite you to use our Nexo referral link below to sign-up and receive your new user Bitcoin bonus and explore the Nexo platform for yourself.

cryptocurrency available in the Nexo earn program
cryptocurrency available in the Nexo earn program with added 4% APY