Published on 28 April 2022 at 09:57

Gemini crypto bonus

Gemini is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available for use in the United States. With one of the best cryptocurrency interest-earning programs. Unlike many other cryptocurrency exchanges that exclude certain U.S states like New York from the opportunity to earn interest on their cryptocurrency, the Gemini crypto interest-earning program is available for every U.S state.

The Gemini crypto interest-earning program is not yet a Worldwide opportunity but is currently available to additional countries, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Unlike the Binance.US earn program that is automatically earning after the purchase of certain cryptocurrencies, you will have to complete a very simple process and transfer your purchased crypto into the Gemini crypto interest-earning program to start receiving the staking rewards.

The cryptocurrency you dedicate to the Gemini crypto interest-earning program is actually moved to a Gemini cold storage wallet, often referred to as a crypto freezer on some other platforms. Unlike those other platforms that actually freeze your crypto earning assets and add withdrawal restrictions along with limited access, the Gemini crypto interest-earning program lets you redeem or move your staked cryptocurrency back to your Gemini crypto trading account at any time along with any interest earned from the feature, without any added restrictions or fees.

Earning rewards and benefits from holding certain cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and platform tokens have become very popular with most people trying to stay ahead of inflation rates, and the fact that, earning features are now widely available on most crypto exchanges coinciding with platform tokens.

Gemini actually has one of the best platform tokens, that unlike others is also considered a fully secure stablecoin. The Gemini dollar or GUSD corresponds with the U.S. dollars and is backed by funds held in Gemini bank accounts within the United States. Which makes the Gemini dollar or GUSD the absolute best choice to add to the Gemini crypto interest-earning program, for the simple fact that there are absolutely no fees associated with any GUSD transaction made on the Gemini platform.

The Gemini dollar or GUSD is also eligible to earn DEFI staking rewards and you can actually spend it just like a regular dollar through Gemini Pay.

Gemini Pay is powered by Flexa and works almost like Apple Pay except for the fact that you can pay with the crypto of your choice straight from your phone at almost any retailer, by just letting the cashier scan the QR code generated by Gemini Pay.

In addition to all the great crypto interest-earning possibilities already stated, Gemini also has one of the best credit cards to earn crypto back on every purchase you make. You can choose to apply for the Gemini credit card directly through the trading app but will require additional information for the application then provided when opening your Gemini trading account.

The Gemini credit card is also unlike any other. As with most crypto back, earning credit cards that just let you earn Bitcoin rewards. The Gemini credit card lets you decide whichever cryptocurrency you would like to receive your rewards or crypto cashback in as long as it's currently listed on the Gemini exchange. This is amazing as they do have over sixty different cryptocurrencies already available on the platform. The best part of the Gemini credit card is the fact that the crypto back rewards earned are immediately deposited back into your account as soon as you swipe your card, unlike others that distribute crypto back rewards on a monthly basis.

Signing up for the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange is extremely simple and fast if you provide all the correct information needed for Gemini to complete the KYC verification process, by uploading your most recent identification and residence documents.

Getting started with the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange right now, with the referral link provided below, will make you eligible for the Gemini current referral reward and receive a $10 bitcoin bonus, providing you complete the required $100 purchase of any cryptocurrency within 30 days of opening your new account.