Published on 27 April 2022 at 17:39


Binance.US is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges available for customers of the United States, with some of the lowest crypto trading fees. Additionally, those cryptocurrency trading fees can be reduced even lower, as the more BNB cryptocurrency coins, you own, reduce the percentage of taker fees they deduct from your cryptocurrency trading activity. Binance.US states that by holding BNB coins in your account, your trading fees will automatically be reduced by 25% and deducted straight from your BNB balance. Binance.US also has a VIP program that will also help to reduce your trading fees. The Binance.US VIP tiers are calculated by your daily holding balance of BNB and your 30-day cryptocurrency trading volume.

Although there is currently a very limited selection of cryptocurrencies in their staking rewards program. Binance.US does have one of the easiest ways to stake your crypto and earn staking rewards, as all you have to do is buy certain coins or tokens and hold them in your account, with some coins having estimated annual rewards up to 4%.  

Binance.US cryptocurrency exchange is mostly intended for more intermediate and advanced crypto traders, as they have minimal learning tools and resources for beginner cryptocurrency traders.

Binance.US also has one of the easiest and fastest new user verification processes. You will have to complete the usual KYC verifications of your email address, phone number, and upload the identification documents along with your proof of residence. Unlike some crypto exchanges that can take up to three days to verify and complete your new user verifications, Binance.US can have you trading cryptocurrency the same day as their KYC verification can be completed in a matter of hours providing you enter all your details correctly and upload the correct documentation.

Binance.US does have a referral program for current members to invite new users to join the Binance.US exchange. Usually, the referral bonus for the current user is limited to earning a percentage of the new user's taker fees for a limited time, paid out monthly in whichever cryptocurrency the new user has been most actively trading. Although sometimes Binance.US will increase the reward of the new user promotion to attract new customers as Binance.US is currently offering new users a $10 USD signup bonus for any United States citizen who completes the required account verification and spends $100 or more in cryptocurrency buys or trades within 30 days of opening a new account. Binance.US has stated that qualifying buys and/or trades will include the cryptocurrency orders placed on their Buy Crypto page, and the spot trading volume.

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Binance.US signup bonus
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