Published on 25 April 2022 at 12:12

CoinLedger Crypto Trader tax software

CoinLedger Crypto Trader Tax

Crypto Trader Tax is now officially CoinLedger and you can still complete your crypto taxes in a matter of minutes. With the CoinLedger Crypto Trader tax software it's easier than ever to do your taxes with the clicks of a few buttons. CoinLedger has come up with the absolute simplest way to import all of your cryptocurrency and NFT trading data from every year you've been trading crypto and/or NFTs from every exchange you've ever traded with.

This is just amazing in itself, giving all the additional regulations and tax laws being added to cryptocurrency and NFT trading, it's extremely important that import as much information as possible for an accurate tax report.

CoinLedger Crypto Trader Tax software really takes away the added confusion of preparing your NFT and crypto taxes in just a couple of easy steps. To generate a report of all of your crypto transactional history all you need to do is connect the CoinLedger app to any or all of the cryptocurrency exchanges you have traded on. To generate a report of your NFT transaction history all you need to do is enter the ETH addresses you use to buy/sell/trade NFTs.

If you happen to already use TurboTax to complete your income taxes, then you just got an added bonus, as CoinLedger is also a trusted partner of TurboTax. This means you don't even have to download your completed crypto tax report as CoinLedger Crypto Trader Tax software can send it directly to your TurboTax account TurboTax Online, including TaxAct, and a few other tax preparation platforms we will neglect to mention.

CoinLedger Crypto Trader Tax will let you generate your report absolutely free, just to find out what you owe. To actually be able to download, and import your crypto tax report you will have to pay the fee. At the time of writing, the link provided below and the special promotional code, CRYPTOTAX10 are still active and will save you an additional 10% off the CoinLedger fees to gain full access to your generated crypto tax report.