Published on 24 April 2022 at 12:50

The STASH app now has Crypto investing opportunity

The STASH app is now offering you access to invest in the most popular cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH. Directly through funds offered by Grayscale. You must sign up exclusively for a STASH app Smart Portfolio to access the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency through the STASH app

Additionally, When you sign up for the STASH app using a referral link, you will receive a $20 Free Stock sign up bonus

To sign up for the STASH app and receive your new user reward, you must use a referral link from a current user that will also receive the same $20 reward if you complete the required terms and conditions.

After clicking the referral link, you must complete the KYC verification process to confirm your identity and residence.

The STASH app will then ask you a few questions about your investment style and financial goals. The information that you provide, will then be used to place you into one of three investment categories and helps the STASH app to calculate your risk tolerance and investment goals.

STASH app has three different risk investment strategy categories.
- conservative investor
- moderate investor
- aggressive investor

Which the Smart Portfolios will decide for you based on your provided answers. You will then be placed in the portfolio that is designed for the investment risk tolerance chosen by Smart Portfolios or choose to select your own.

Additionally, you must have the Smart Portfolios enabled and funded to have access to Grayscale funded cryptocurrency but is not a requirement to receive your $20 sign up bonus.

STASH Smart Portfolios feature automatically invests for you as long as it has been funded with a minimum of $5.

STASH Smart Portfolio feature is a great investing tool for any investor but the perfect tool for anyone just beginning their investment journey.

In addition to receiving the STASH sign up bonus, activating any investment plan and depositing any amount will make you eligible for the $20 bonus. The STASH minimum priced investment plan starts at just $1 a month for a personal portfolio.


STASH Crypto smart portfolio
STASH Crypto smart portfolio
STASH Crypto smart portfolio
STASH Crypto smart portfolio