Published on 19 April 2022 at 12:40

Investing 101

Some Additional Tips for Beginner Traders

Whether you are just starting your new adventure in cryptocurrencies trading or traditional stock market trading. You will soon learn that you will need some additional tools to maximize your portfolio profits.

To maximize your portfolio profits you will most definitely need to set alerts for the investments, stocks or cryptocurrencies you own.

Almost every trading platform will have stock tickers, and movement charts available for you to use and set your alerts. Having alerts set to your specific buying and selling price targets will help you increase your investment profits. Without having to resubmit the same limit orders daily. As most trading platforms limit orders only last a day, if not using a trading app like Robinhood or Coinzoom that let the limit orders last longer. 

Additionally, if your not jumping into the trading world full speed ahead and purchasing memberships with some of the advanced tradings bots that automatically trade for you. Then you may be working with some very delayed price alerts. As some trading platforms will be working on more delayed signals than others. Up to fifteen-minute delays or more with some, and that isn't counting the additional time it takes for you to receive the push alert.

Although there are numerous great free resources like Yahoo Finance and Stocktwits that you can utilize to receive basic stock price movement alerts. Indelibly, you will need specific price movement alerts to maximize your earning goals. Unfortunately, there aren't many free resources that let you, set and receive specific target price movement alerts. So we just want to let you in on one of our best tips for beginner traders.

Our Best investing 101 Tip offers the best free resources for all things investing, and all the free tools you will need to utilize to maximize your new portfolio's income. Including the specific price movement alerts, we mentioned, on limited delay with multiple ways to receive your alerts. alerts

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