Published on 5 May 2022 at 15:58

PipeFlare rewards free crypto


Another legit free crypto faucet for anyone looking to claim free cryptocurrency without making a deposit is PipeFlare.

Immediately after signing up with PipeFlare, you will be able to complete the very simple steps needed to start earning a reliable and free crypto passive income. PipeFlare is a crypto faucet that lets you claim Zcash tokens daily, directly to your crypto wallet, without the need to request the withdrawal after reaching a minimal cashout limit. Just click claim every 24 hours and it'll be distributed before your next claim is ready. Be sure to enable the reminder to notify you when the Zcash is ready to be claimed again. You will need to provide the ZEC address and we highly recommend using Atomic Wallet for the ZEC distribution by pasting your ZEC address in your PipeFlare faucet account claiming panel.

PipeFlare also has additional cryptocurrencies available to collect daily rewards in. Free claim Matic, which is the native token of the Polygon Network, and 1FLR which is the PipeFlare platform token that supports the PipeFlare ecosystem. Both of those cryptocurrencies do have minimal withdrawal limits that have to be reached before being able to be cashed out. You will have to provide those wallet addresses as well. We currently use our CoinBase Wallet to receive the free POLY and 1FLR cryptos, for personal spending reasons, but both tokens are able to be withdrawn to the Atomic Wallet as well.

PipeFlare also has a Mystery Token Faucet, with daily rewards that will only be revealed after you complete a purchase of one Pyro NFT, which we have yet to complete. Each Pyro NFT is limited to 10,000 mints and currently cost 65 POLY. Purchasing the NFT will unlock the mystery token and boost your faucet multiplier rate.

Automaticaly earn 2x rewards if you access PipeFlare and claim your daily free crypto rewards through the Brave Browser.
Adiitional ways to boost your PipeFlare faucet rewards and earn multiplier is linking your social media accounts. Boosting your social multiplier up to 1.9x with four linked accounts. Sharing your referral link to boost your referral multiplier up to 2x and additionally earning supporter tier levels to boost faucet rewards and referral commissions. Consistanly signing in and claiming free crypto will also earn you up to 3.5x bonus multiplier plus a bonus spin every 5 days of consistent reward claims.

The more days you consistently claim your free crypto, the higher your rewards. Remembering to claim your daily free crypto rewards with PipeFlare is easy if you set the reminder notifications.

In addition to collecting your free ZCASH, MATIC, and 1FLR every 24 hours. You will also be automatically entered into several different free cryptocurrency airdrops throughout the month.

PipeFlare has so many additional ways to earn free cryptocurrency that we have yet to mention, including the Flare Token staking rewards and play to earn free crypto games.

Check out the PipeFlare faucet today. Sign up for your free PipeFlare account to gain access to the best crypto faucet with everything we've mentioned above and much more.

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PipeFlare free crypto rewards
PipeFlare free crypto rewards