Published on 16 February 2022 at 16:24

 We have now tested and approved XRP.io. The XRP wallet faucet combo are completely legit. You can spin to earn free xrp every hour and the app also has a few other cool features and possible ways to earn more rewards in free XRP coins. Not your usual pay to click ads, but following different tik tok and twitter accounts, along with some other official social media channels.

 You can also earn a reward of 10 XRP coins if you buy 500 HODL game tokens using PanCakeSwap. Which we think is pretty awesome, because those 10 free xrp rewards you receive, almost make up the price of the hodl tokens, making them almost free coins also. It is by far one of the best crypto faucets we've found yet. We have rolled the dice and earned 1 xrp several times, but have noticed the average spin is worth 0.01 and 0,005 and if you share your personal referral link you can earn a 10% referral bonus, off of, all your referrals spins.

 You can also promote just about any url or advertise other crypto faucet referral links in the xrp faucet wallet app, by purchasing an advertising package. The minimum advertising package will cost about one hundred dollars, for a massive three hundred thousand impressions and must be paid for, with either XRP or BTC. A little rich for us, but will totally purchase, once we spin and win the 1000 xrp coins.

 The most attractive fact, is that it is a XRP wallet that your able to send and receive xrp coins, so you will have to complete the kyc process. There is a minimum withdrawal limit of 25 xrp coins that you have to reach for the faucet if you do not make a deposit or buy coins.

 Your able to cash out anytime after earning the minimum xrp, and use your deposited coins anytime you would like, as long as you are able to cover the network fee. Create your new free web wallet, faucet combo today or download to any of your mobile devices and start rollin rewards with XRP.io free xrp crypto faucet. 

xrp.io  crypto faucet
XRP crypto faucet
XRP crypto faucet