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What is a crypto faucet?

What is a crypto faucet?
That is a very good question you asked, and we may have to back track and re answer this question in the future, as crypto faucets are still evolving today. Basically, crypto faucets are websites or apps, that are still slowly evolving and adding new ways the user of the faucet can earn and get paid micro bits of different amounts of assorted cryptocurrencies, depending on the faucet platform. As some crypto faucets can only provide distribution of one crypto and others can provide 20 different coins to choose from. We have found that each crypto faucet is different, but basically the same.

 All Crypto faucets will make you complete some kind of task to earn the micro bits of crypto. Some faucet platforms can provide one task to complete and earn from, and others provide multiple different task to complete. Different tasks we have found include but not limited to, pay to click ad buttons, that you click to view different websites, watch videos or just complete the captcha to let them know you were there.   Also earn by completing different surveys, downloading different apps and games to your devices, or playing the provided games on there website or app, or just by clicking a button to roll the dice every hour, or after a set period of time. Crypto faucets are a great way to earn free, not so free crypto. Because you are basically spending time instead of money. Be leary of some crypto faucet platforms, as the task can be very time consuming with little reward.

 All micro bits of crypto earned from the completed tasks will then be sent to your specific coin faucet wallet address, that the faucet platform will provide you, and can not be withdrawn to your personal crypto wallet address until you reach the minimum payout threshold, determined by the faucet platform.

 We are currently testing multiple crypto faucets and have provided a few legit and not so legit crypto faucets below, with more on the way.


 We have now tested and approved The XRP wallet faucet combo are completely legit. You can spin to earn free xrp every hour and the app also has a few other cool features and possible ways to earn more rewards in free XRP coins. Not your usual pay to click ads, but following different tik tok and twitter accounts, along with some other official social media channels.

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FireFaucet Crypto

Fire Faucet Free Crypto faucet review.  We have now tested and approved Fire Faucets free crypto faucet. So if your goal is to start earning a variety of free cryptocurrencies without spending a dime. Then Fire Faucet should be the site you get involved with. Fire Faucet is automatic, and allows you to auto claim free crypto without a tremendous amount of annoying ads and popups like some of the free crypto faucets we have tested. You can collect the auto faucet claim prizes, by just signing in everyday, and earn extra auto faucet claims by completing task from the offer wall. Including but not limited to surveys and pay to click ads. The more task you complete help you gain activity points, that also reward auto claim prizes and boost your daily ranking.

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Cointiply crypto faucet review. We have now tested and approve Cointiply crypto faucet. Cointiply is one of the most outstanding free Bitcoin faucet platforms accessible today. It is an awesome site for getting those free micro bits of  bitcoin without having to make a deposit. Cointiply has multiple ways you can earn free bitcoin, including rolling the faucet every hour, downloading different apps and games to your devices, completing surveys, playing the multiplier or a wide variety of games in the app, viewing PTC ads and watching videos, redeeming promo codes sent to your email or found on twitter or app notifications, joining the chat rain pools to earn bitcoin for chatting, and so much more.

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Free PRE tokens 

An additional app that pays free cryptocurrency out in small rewards like a crypto faucet is an app called Presearch. Earn completely free crypto by just completing search queries using the Presearch search engine. Earn one free PRE token for every four searches made with the Presearch web browser. Read more information in our Presearch info-blog and use our Presearch referral link to start with a free 25 PRE token bonus. review.

 Free Crypto Faucet reviews. We have now tested and do not approve free crypto faucet, is in our experience a complete waste of time. It's in a junction with all of there fake crypto faucet dashboards. So every .win address for free crypto faucet it pushes you to, is also a complete waste of time.
 We're not saying they're all complete scams because we have seen payment proof. Just those payment proofs posted do not state the extremely excessive amount of time it took to reach the minimum payout threshold.

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