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 There are all sorts of ways that you can earn free cryptocurrency this year (2022). We feel one of the best ways to get free crypto, is through referral promotions for free crypto signup bonuses. That's why we have chosen to share almost all of our free crypto signup bonus referral links and promotional sign up codes here. Plus a few for instant cash bonuses and free stocks that can easily be traded for free crypto, or exchanged for cash and withdrawn to your crypto banking or savings app. We also have some free crypto faucet apps listed on the crypto faucet review page. With our more links page, being a collage of free crypto and other great signup bonuses. Feel free to share any of your referral codes in our free forum and we can all start getting free Crypto through signup bonuses.

Abra app, $25 Free CPRX coin

 The Abra app Crypto exchange has one of the best referral promotions for free crypto signup bonuses and is one listed on our top rated page with a full review coming soon. If you signup and download the Abra app through our referral code. You will be eligible to earn $25 in free crypto. The Abra app free crypto signup bonuses are paid out in CPRX Crypto coins. All you have to do to receive the $25 free CPRX coin, is complete the deposit requirement of $15 or more and then hold it in the abra app account for a minimum of one week. Downloading the app without a referral code will make you eligible for $15 free CPRX coin and you will still need to complete the deposit requirement of $15. So please use our referral code: RCY5DBS57, or the referral link by clicking the image to download and open your new account with the Abra exchange to receive your free crypto signup bonus now.

eToro, $30 referral Cash

 eToro is a social investing app that is great for copy traders or beginner traders. It is available in multiple countries, and you can completely diversify your portfolio as they have many brokerage options to trade stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs. If you use a referral code to sign up and open a new account with eToro, you will be eligible for the eToro $30 referral bonus cash. Once both you and the referer have completed the spending requirement, by completing a single trade of $100 or more. Opening a new account with eToro without the referral link will only make you eligible for a $10 promotional credit and you may still be held to the same spending requirements. So please use our referral link for your guaranteed $30 referral bonus cash. As we have completed our spending requirement and made the $100 trade necessary for you to receive the bonus cash. Just sign up and complete your $100 trade to qualify. 

Nexo, $25 Free Bitcoin

 Nexo Crypto exchange is a great cryptocurrency savings bank, that we highly recommend you start using to earn high interest on holding your cryptocurrencies. Nexo is a top rated company available for multiple countries, and has some of the lowest transaction fees. Nexo currently has its best free crypto signup bonus of $25 free bitcoin after completing the deposit requirement of $100 worth of any cryptocurrency. Which must be held in the account for a minimum of 30 days to receive your free bitcoin bonus. Nexo will increase and decrease their free bitcoin promotions from time to time so we will update this section as needed. Click the image to signup and open a new account to receive the Nexo $25 Free Bitcoin promotion or read Nexo info-blog for more information

CoinZoom, $5 Free Zoom tokens

 CoinZoom crypto exchange or CoinZoom crypto everything is what we should call it. CoinZoom is one of our personal favorite crypto exchanges. The choices of cryptocurrencies available are somewhat limited, but there are currently about 40 crypto coins listed, and we're sure more are on the way. You can buy, sell, earn and spend your crypto with the provided visa card and earn up to 5% cashback. CoinZoom also has a free crypto signup bonus of $5 free crypto. Which is paid out in Zoom Tokens, after completing the spending requirement of purchasing $100 of any crypto coin and holding it in the account for a minimum of 30 days. Sign up and open a new account with CoinZoom today to receive your $5 free Zoom tokens or read our CoinZoom info-blog

MyConstant, $20 MCT tokens

 MyConstant is another great banking and savings app for both crypto and cash. A great person to person lending platform and Crypto exchange. MyConstant Crypto exchange has a $20 sign up bonus of MCT tokens, by using our referral link to open a new account. You must complete the deposit requirement of $50 and then hold the funds in the account for a minimum of 30 days to receive the bonus coins. MyConstant is a great place to spend your crypto on gift cards, get crypto backed loans or lend your crypto to reap rewards in the lending lottery, plus earn 4% APY by holding your cryptocurrency in savings. Sign up and open a new account today for your $20 MyConstant tokens.

Getting Free Crypto

 Getting free crypto through learn and earn promotions is everyone's newest favorite way to earn free crypto. Of course, we're sure that everyone is aware by now that Coinbase is by far the best place to earn crypto through learn and earn. Coinbase pays the most in free crypto through learn and earn that we have found yet, and has become so popular, that most of the crypto exchanges have now decided to follow suit. Here are a few you may want to check out. Cakedefi has now started a promotion for learn and earn free coins, somewhat like Coinbase, and currently have $5 of free DFI coin, with $5 of free Bitcoin and $5 of free Ethereum learn and earn coins coming soon. The Crypto exchange Phemex has a couple of free crypto learn and earn promotions like Coinbase and Coinmarketcap has learn and earn free crypto for the newest crypto coins through airdrops, but as with any free crypto airdrops the supplies are limited. We will keep you updated as more places for free crypto learn and earn like coinbase promotions begin. So check back regularly as new referral codes for free crypto signup bonuses are added almost daily.

Phemex, up to $100 Bonus

 Phemex is a great crypto futures app that allows you to trade cryptocurrency perpetual contracts. Available for multiple countries. Phemex has multiple ways to earn free crypto bonuses on and after signup. Including free crypto learn and earn like Coinbase, social media follow, and retweet for free crypto. Free bitcoin deposit bonuses and contract trading bonuses. If you open a new account and register through our referral link you will automatically get 10% off your trading fees for 30 days, with a 7 day premium trial, and up to $100 as a signup bonus. The $100 Phemex bonus is dependent upon your deposit amounts and the different tasks you complete.

Coinbase, $10 Free Bitcoin.

 Coinbase crypto exchange needs no introduction as it has the most registered user worldwide. Coinbase is the Top Crypto exchange. Supported and available in multiple countries. Coinbase is the number one place for the best free crypto bonuses through learn and earn promotions. That even tend to randomly pop up for current users way after the initial free crypto coins at signup. Please use our referral link to signup to receive the best free crypto learn and earn bonus coins, plus the $10 free bitcoin bonus after you complete the spending requirement of accumulating $100 in crypto trades.

CakeDefi, $35 Free DFI coin 

 CakeDefi has a little different way of doing things with cryptocurrency. They have crypto liquidity mining, crypto staking, and lending features. Best of all the crypto freezer feature earns a daily crypto cash flow. CakeDefi has one of the best free crypto signup bonuses of $30 DFI coin and $5 free crypto learn and earn like Coinbase, with more free crypto learn and earn coming soon. There is a $50 deposit requirement and then the free crypto bonus is locked in the crypto freezer for 180 days, steady earning daily crypto cash flow. Just Scan the QR Code or click the image to signup and open a new account to get your $35 Cake Defi free crypto bonus. After signup be sure to share your referral code to join the VIP referral rewards to earn more free DFI coins.

Invstr+ app, $30 Free Bitcoin.

 Invstr+ app is a stocks and cryptocurrency investing and banking app, with a virtual feature, called Fantasy Finance, which is a great way for beginners to learn the stock and crypto markets for free. With the possibility of earning real cash and free bitcoin prizes. It's fun playing with a million dollars and competing with friends. If you use our referral link to signup, you can get $30 in free bitcoin by completing the deposit requirement and funding your account with $100 or $5 free bitcoin for funding the account with any amount. Just click the image to download and open a new account now to get the Invstr app free bitcoin bonus.

Have you gotten the free crypto from Paypal yet?

 Paypal has $10 bonus cash, easily traded to free crypto if you buy $5 of any cryptocurrency with them for the first time, but not all referral links work the same. So sharing yours to make some extra free crypto or bonus money, can be difficult if you don't read the terms and conditions first. Mainly speaking on our experience starting out sharing our Paypal and Venmo referral links. Without reading the terms and conditions, we immediately start posting our referral links everywhere. Then we wait and wait, as no one ever uses them, at the same time the other referral links we are posting are getting new signups. So we are thinking well maybe everyone already has Paypal and Venmo. Until we read the terms and conditions and done a little research. Come to find out. Paypal and Venmo referral links have a specific tracking code on them and will not pay the referrer any free crypto, bonus money, or promotional credit unless the referral link is opened from an email. With that saying, we will email anyone our referral links that want a little bonus money or free crypto and aren't already using Venmo, or have never purchased crypto from Paypal. Please use our Contact page to request referral links.

Here are some Free Stocks That are Easily traded for Free Crypto 

Webull, free crypto, stocks promotion.

 Webull financial is a stock and cryptocurrency trading app, and is another one of our favorite trading platforms. Mainly for the IPO center, but they have multiple trading options available. Webull promotions change from month to month, and so will the terms and conditions, but they are always giving free stocks, and for the past couple of months Webull has also been giving away free crypto bonuses for new account signups. Some of the promotions have no spending or deposit requirements, and others will require a minimum $1 deposit. Clicking the image for the current promotion will provide you more information, or read more about Webull, as it is also listed on our Top Rated page as number one, with a few reasonings.

The STASH App now  has Crypto.

 The Stash app is a Stock and now Cryptocurrency trading and banking app. That is designed completely for beginners wanting to get into trading the Stock Market.  By using our referral link to sign up, you are eligible to receive a $20 bonus stock, that's now easily traded to free crypto. There is a one cent deposit requirement to receive your signup bonus stock with the Stash app, and you must activate an investment, banking, or savings plan. With the minimum priced plan, starting at just one dollar.

We will have a complete review of the STASH app as they have some really great features. Including the STASH Stock Partys you are able to attend for more bonus stock. Until then you can read more information about STASH in our info-blogs

Robinhood Free Stocks 

 The Robinhood app is probably the most popular trading app for the United States, and always has the same two free stock promotion for new signups. Nothing spectacular at the moment to entice new users as they already have one of the highest rates of registered users. Along with everyone else we are impatiently waiting for the new crypto wallets. Very doubtful that the crypto wallet feature will have any type of promotional free crypto signup bonus to entice new users, as so many current Robinhood users are pre registered already. 

moomoo Free Stocks.

 Moomoo stock trading app or FUTU is one of our new favorite stock trading apps. With multiple ways to trade on the global market. The moomoo app is a very interactive platform and just fun to be on, with one of the best Signup Bonus offers for free stocks. The moomoo trading app current free stock promotion is giving new account sign ups, bonuses of up to 5 Free Stocks with one of those free stocks guaranteed to be an #LCID share ($40 at time of writing), if the new signup uses a referral link to open a new account and completes the deposit requirement of $100. The bonus for the referrer is uncapped which is just amazing and a great reason to share your referral links. 

Here are some free stocks you can sell and withdraw the cash to your Crypto bank 

M1 financial, $10 instant Cash 

 M1 financial is a banking app that lets you spend, borrow, and also has an automatic investing feature for stock purchasing all in the app. M1 financial has an instant deposit bonus of $10 once you open a new account and complete the deposit requirement of $100. The M1 financial $10 instant deposit bonus is easily withdrawn to your crypto savings or banking app after the 30 day holding requirement. 

FirsTrade Crypto

 First Trade is a stock trading investment platform, that will soon, also support crypto investment trading in the next coming weeks.  First trade currently offers a no deposit signup bonus of two free stocks for anyone that opens a new account. From our experience with the First Trade sign up, the average amount you will receive from the no deposit signup bonus, is right around $10 and does not have any deposit or spending requirements. Our advice to everyone taking advantage of this no deposit sign up bonus opportunity, is to only use the online platform. As both the Android and Apple apps really need improvements, updates, and bug fixes. 


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